Sharks Show Some Sack, Down Detroit

Detroit came to town Thursday night and were left hanging their heads in defeat at the Tank, losing 4-1.  A voracious San Jose forecheck overwhelmed the Wings , especially in the second period when the Sharks tallied three times.  Once the Sharks were up by three in the third period, the dirty Wings showed their ugly faces and tried to intimidate them with cheap shots, slashes, elbows to the head, just old fashioned goonery.  Los Tiburones acquitted themselves admirably by standing up for their teammates and winning scrums, in general sending the message that they weren’t gonna take that shit no more.  Pavelski had two goals, Desjardin had a beauty and Niemi played brilliantly when he had to.  The lone bright spot for Detroit was Thomas Tatar, who had the only goal.  Tatar, a rookie from Slovakia has quite the offensive flair and stick handling wizardry reminiscent of Datsyuk.  Overall, a nice effort against a hated rival.

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