Thank God its Back

Yep, the NHL resumes its season tonight with a makeup game between the Beefalo and the Typhoons er sumthing.  Yes, I have been taking oxycodone but not recently.  Knee replacement will do that to ya.

Also, I want to reflect on my hockey lineage a little bit today because I was born many years ago on this date.  Both my parents were from the East Coast, Dad from upstate New York and Mom from the Boston/Cambridge area.  Dad was a Habs fan and Mom used to see the Boston Braves (the hockey team not the baseball team) when she was a kid.

She also saw the Bruins once or twice.  Dad never shared that he was a Montreal fan that I can remember and we had no hockey discussions in our house growing up.

Mom has been sharing a lot of stories the past few years and told me how much fun she had going to see hockey and her beloved Red Sox.

So as I sit here at my antiquated Remington manual typewriter I’m wondering how a California dude came to be loving hockey so much.  Did I get the bug in vitro, was it my good friend Kent who loved the California Golden Seals (one of the worst hockey teams of all time), owned by Charley Finley or is it because its just the best damn game around?

Probably all of those reasons contribute to why I feel the need to preach the gospel of why hockey is such a great game.  I think its also because of the fans and friends I have made over the years playing the game and going to games. I can’t live without it anymore, it part of my psyche now.

Summer is great but its three months with no hockey.  Love baseball but it ain’t hockey.

I have been watching the best game in the world since cable TV was invented, circa 1979.

So when I say welcome back NHL, I say it with all my heart because the last three weeks just has not been the same without my boys beating the shit out of each other to get that 6 oz. disc in the back of the net.


Buffalo vs. Carolina tonight, four more games tomorrow and 12 on Thursday.

Game on!

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