New Phrase for Shark Fans: NDR

Hey Sharks fans and all two of my readers, welcome to another rant about, you guessed it: my dissatisfaction about the formerly vaunted San Jose Sharks.  Now, to be fair they are in a “rebuilding phase” but watching them has become more painful than ever.

NDR stands for Not Defensively Responsible and the chief culprit is their lone All Star representative Brent Burns.  Second in line, right behind him is Patrick Marleau. Both are big minus players, Burns -7 and Marleau -11.  Ouch, yes thats right a combined -18 for two of the elite players on the Sharks roster.  Combine those with little used D man Matt Irwin checking in at a robust -10, a -28 is a big deficit to overcome.  Coupled with Marleau’s anemic offense, it is no wonder the Sharks continue to struggle for consistency as they try to rebuild.

Everything about them yawns meh…They sit in 3rd place currently, 1 point ahead of Calgary whom they lost to in OT on Saturday after storming back from a two goal deficit, scoring three to take the lead.  When its all said and done, they are a mediocre 24-23 and a -3 in goal differential.  Now, I’m not a big metrics guy, but the numbers say that San Jose has fallen hard and fast from their former elite status over the last several years.

After years of watching regular season domination, the fans don’t even get that satisfaction anymore.  They are bordering on unwatchable because they’re so predictable.  They lose to bottom feeder teams, Buffalo twice, Florida twice, Carolina, and most recently stinking up the Tank with chum by losing to the Devils.  But then they kill the Ducks, the NHL points leader or beat the Blues in OT.  We won’t talk about them losing twice to the Blues in a week by the combined score of 14-4  They can’t put away teams when they get a lead.  Their young guns got no bullets and their old guys need some PEDs or sumthin.

This old guy has been finding other things to do besides getting frustrated with the Sharks.  Like watching Homeland on demand.  Its just sad…

11 24 14

 Bianca Beauchamps

There, not so sad, right???

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