Stanley Summary

Washington Capitals and the Toronto Maple Leafs might just be the most entertaining series of all 8 because of the Presidents Trophy winners Caps vs the upstart youngsters Leafs.  All games are close, the Caps can’t stop the Leafs offense but Toronto’s defense is shaky at best.  Perhaps its because they’re always up on the rush lol.  The series is tied 2-2, no one gave the Leafs a chance, let alone seeing them tied after four games.


The Anahymen Ducks become the first team to move on to the great 8 dispatching those pesky Calgary Flames in four straight.  Although Bianca hates the Fowl, she does respect the ownage the Ducks have on the Calgary franchise.  As in 29 straight home wins against the Flamers and defeating the Flames on their ice decisively.


I love to Dominate

I love to Dominate

Pittsburgh Penguins can advance tonight on home ice by closing out the Blow Jackets.  A plucky squad, garnering 106 points on the season, Columbus is well balanced on offense, getting great goaltending and has great young defensemen.  That all being said, lose tonight and yer out and the Defending Cup Champs move on.

Captain Serious heads for the locker room after a brutal hit by Penguins D man Brooks Orpick in the second period.

Captain Serious heads for the locker room after a brutal hit.

Chicago is facing elimination tonight by the Smashville Predators, who are up 3-0 in their series.  The Hawks don’t appear to be ready to run the tables this year getting blown out once, losing a 1-0 game and choking with a lead late and losing in OT.  Preds too fast and  the Chicago defense is not engaged enough to keep up with the lil waterbugs Nashville uses as forwards.

Bianca is concerned about the rash of injuries in today's NHL.

Bianca is concerned about the Bruins.

Ottawa is leading 3-1 in their divisonal series, and the Bruins are way banged up

Bianca is concerned by the rash of injuries in today's NHL.

Bianca is concerned by the rash of injuries in today’s NHL.

Look for Ottawa to swarm Tuuka Rask and end Boston’s season in their next game.

Next up, a vastly entertaining series featuring two of the premier goalies in the NHL, Carey Price for the Habs and the King Henrik Lundquist for New York.  Hard fought, low scoring and tied at 2 games to 2.  The series returns to Montreal tonight, who will come out with the pivotal win to go up 3-2?  Tough to say as both teams have great offensive fire power, but I give the edge to New York.  To say that the goalies are gonna make a huge difference is a HUGE understatement because each one has stolen a game.

Bianca distracts the shooter.

Bianca distracts the shooter.

The Minnesota Wild staved off elimination last night by defeating St Louis last night, bring that series to 3-1 for the Blues.  Can the Wild go Girls Gone Wild on the Bitch Blues and win in Seven?  Unlikely, but as Shark fans know it can be done.

San Jose/Edmonton is a puzzler because of the wild mood swings exhibited through four games.  San Jose dominated the first game in Edmonton, with the OIL taking games 2 and 3 by stifling the Sharks on their anemic power play and scoring 2 Shorthanded goals for further gagability.  In Game 4 the Sharks shit down their neck, scoring 4 PP goals and winning by a Touchdown 7-0.  It was the first time in recent memory that San Jose made an opponent pay for bitch play.

The Head little bitch is Connor McDavid, who after Game 4 looked like he was going to cry.  San Jose has done well to limit his chances but he is Sofa King Dangerous that the Sharks have to stick to him like skidrow undies.

Sharks celebration

Sharks celebration!

Yes I’m a homer and proud to be a long suffering fan.  Please end my suffering, find your game and dispatch these lil pretenders in blue, the Edmonton Oilslick.




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